Ship It Good: Tips For Finding Small Business Shipping ServicesShip It Good: Tips For Finding Small Business Shipping Services

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Ship It Good: Tips For Finding Small Business Shipping Services

One of the hardest parts of starting my manufacturing business was finding the sources to ship products out. I spent a lot of time researching packaging, shipping companies, and rates. It took a lot of time to get everything sorted out and get price quotes that were accurate, relevant, and comprehensive. I decided to detail the path I followed and the information I learned in this blog. My hope is that I can help other entrepreneurs to learn how best to source their shipping services. Before you waste weeks researching about your shipping needs, look at some of the posts here for more information.


Several Car Shipping Myths Refuted

If you currently need to move to a new home that is a great distance from your current home, you may face problems with moving your car. Unfortunately, these problems can be more difficult than necessary, if you give credit to several common myths.

Myth: You Will Have To Drive Or Tow Your Car

It is frequently assumed that driving or towing your car to the new house will be the only option. Yet, a car shipping company will be able to arrange for your car to be shipped to its destination. The exact shipping method used will depend on where the car needs to be shipped. In some instances, you may be able to choose between boat, air, or train.

Myth: Only Sedans Can Be Shipped

There are many people who may own vehicles that are larger than a traditional sedan. For example, you may own a sports utility vehicle or a truck. While it can be easy to assume that these vehicles will be unable to be shipped, it will usually be possible to accommodate these vehicles. Although, the larger size and heavier weight of the vehicle can increase the cost of shipping. Therefore, you may want to compare the shipping costs and methods from several providers, so you can choose the most economical option.

Myth: There Is No Need To Insure Your Vehicle During Shipping

While the shipping company will take great care to keep your vehicle safe, there can be instances where damage may be unavoidable. For example, if the car is shipped via train and the train derails, the vehicle will suffer extensive damage. However, not all types of damage will be this devastating. Another example can be chips and cracks occurring in the glass or body. This is mainly a risk for vehicles that will be exposed to the open air while being shipped. Investing in a shipping insurance policy will protect you from these incidents by covering the costs of repairing these damages.

Myth: You Can Fill Your Car With Boxes Or Other Moving Supplies

It may seem as though you can improve your packing efficiency by loading your car with boxes or other moving supplies. However, this is against the policies of most shipping services. In addition to being unable to confirm the safety of any items that may be loaded into the vehicle, this can also increase the weight of the vehicle.