Ship It Good: Tips For Finding Small Business Shipping ServicesShip It Good: Tips For Finding Small Business Shipping Services

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Ship It Good: Tips For Finding Small Business Shipping Services

One of the hardest parts of starting my manufacturing business was finding the sources to ship products out. I spent a lot of time researching packaging, shipping companies, and rates. It took a lot of time to get everything sorted out and get price quotes that were accurate, relevant, and comprehensive. I decided to detail the path I followed and the information I learned in this blog. My hope is that I can help other entrepreneurs to learn how best to source their shipping services. Before you waste weeks researching about your shipping needs, look at some of the posts here for more information.


Learn How To Ship Promotional Products To The Followers Of Your Social Media Accounts In An Affordable Way

There are some people who are becoming overnight successes thanks to social media. People are watching their videos on a regular basis and they quickly gain a social media following. When this happens, it can be a great opportunity for someone to make a lucrative income by selling promotional items for their business. If you have become a social media star and want to start selling promotional products to your followers, use the guide below to learn what factors affect the shipping cost for the items.

The Size

The size of the items that need to be shipped greatly affect the cost of shipping because larger items will take up more room in shipping trucks and will thus cost more to ship. Items that can be folded, such as shirts and sweatshirts, or items that take up small amounts of room, such as mugs and magnets are often your best option to use as promotional products because they are not large in size.

The Weight

The weight of the items that you plan to ship also affects the cost of shipment. While thick, heavy coffee mugs may be a great option to sell to your followers, you need to consider how much the mugs weigh before you start trying to ship them. The shipping trucks are limited by how much weight they can carry at one time. Heavier items limit the other items that can fit into the truck, and thus increase shipping costs.

The Distance

The distance that you plan to ship each item also affects the cost. Shipping items overseas will cost significantly more than shipping the items to neighboring towns. You need to find out how much it will cost to ship the items globally before offering that as an option to your followers to ensure that it is a cost that you will be able to afford. Even though your followers will be paying for the promotional products, the cost of shipping could make it less lucrative for you in the end.

When shipping items, be responsible with the time frame you expect them to be delivered. Unless you want to pay for expedited shipping, it could take a few days or even a few weeks for the items to arrive depending on how far they need to travel and holiday delays. Shipping items as soon as you can will help the items to get to your followers in as short a period of time as possible. Talk with a company like ARP Postal for more details.