Ship It Good: Tips For Finding Small Business Shipping ServicesShip It Good: Tips For Finding Small Business Shipping Services

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Ship It Good: Tips For Finding Small Business Shipping Services

One of the hardest parts of starting my manufacturing business was finding the sources to ship products out. I spent a lot of time researching packaging, shipping companies, and rates. It took a lot of time to get everything sorted out and get price quotes that were accurate, relevant, and comprehensive. I decided to detail the path I followed and the information I learned in this blog. My hope is that I can help other entrepreneurs to learn how best to source their shipping services. Before you waste weeks researching about your shipping needs, look at some of the posts here for more information.



Getting The Right Box Packaging For Your Product

If you manufacture a product that is sold to retailers or the general public, the packaging that the product goes into can be an essential part of the process. The box packaging and supporting material inside can affect the customer experience, and the outside of the box is a great place for marketing the product.  Custom Boxes One of the first things you need to do as you start to look at the packaging of your product is how to put the product in the box and protect it from the time it leaves your business until it makes it to the customer. Read More 

How To Protect Your Goods When Shipping

If you own your own business and ship a lot to clients all around the country, then you know just how important it is for you to not only deliver packages on time to people but to also make sure that they stay protected while they are being shipped. This article will go over a few ways for you to make sure that your goods are protected and that they get to your clients in one piece. Read More 

Got Cargo To Ship? How To Ensure The Safety Of Your Shipping Container

If you have cargo to ship, and this will be your first time using shipping containers, you'll need to take some safety precautions. Shipping containers are an excellent way to ship bulky equipment, or large quantities of merchandise. However, they do require special handling. Before you send off your first shipment, here are four safety precautions you'll need to follow. These tips will ensure that your shipping container is secure and that your cargo arrives at its destination safely. Read More 

What A Logistics Company Can Do For Your Business

When you have a business that is product related you need to be able to get the product to customers. This involves much more than just having a small store to sell your wares. This is where logistics come into play. While you may have a great team of employees who can handle things, there is more than just putting things on the shelves in the store to keep your business flowing. Read More 

Ready to Sell Your Products Online? What to Know About Shipping Materials

If you are expanding your business to ship products from online purchases and you will be shipping items all around the nation, there are things that you have to take into consideration. When you are shipping items, your customers expect that the products are going to be in top condition when the products arrive. Here are some of the things to know about shipping materials and products, so you can be smart with the money that you have to spend. Read More